Portfolio Piece N°.8 – Harriston Chocolatier

PR / Influencer Outreach / Social Media Management

Founded by S.C. Teng in 2005, Harriston is now hailed as one of the largest homegrown chocolate makers in Malaysia. Having served more than 8 million customers from over 80 countries around the world with more than 150 variants of chocolates, Harriston has become a key innovator behind chocolates with unique Malaysian flavours.

N°.1 – Manage PR activities for Harriston Chocolatier; media launch, PR drop and Press Release write-up
N°.2 – Social Media Management for Instagram, Facebook
N°.3 – Create content for social media postings
N°.4 – Schedule one photography session a month
N°.5 – Engage KOLs to visit the boutique